How to Change Your Name in Stardew Valley

If you are wondering whether it’s possible to change your Stardew Valley’s character’s name after the creation of your character, then you are probably familiar with secret game cheat which allows you to spawn items by using your character name.

The answer for question “Can you change your name in Stardew Valley” is officially no, because the game itself does not have a built-in feature to change your character’s name. But if you are willing to spend a couple of minutes tinkering game’s save files directly, then it is possible, and actually pretty simple.

The only downside is that changing name only works on PC and Mac platforms, there is no known way to change your name on other platforms, such as PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. If you are playing PC or Mac version of the game and want to find out how to manually change your character’s name, then continue reading our guide below.

First of all, close your Stardew Valley game. Then, you’ll need to find the folder where your game’s save files are located.

If you’re using Windows, open any folder and in address bar type %AppData% and hit Enter.

If you’re a Mac user, go to “/Users/[Your Mac Name]/.config/”. Some files in this folder might be hidden and cannot be accessed. In order to see hidden files press Command + Shift + . on your keyboard.

Next, open the located Stardew Valley folder and then open Saves folder, this applies both for Windows and Mac.

Inside Saves folder, locate another folder with your character‘s name and a bunch of numbers on it, and then open it. In this example our character‘s name is „AbbyQue“:

Next, locate and open the file named “SaveGameInfo” by using Notepad or any other text editor and press Ctrl + F for Windows or Command + F for Mac to open search in this specific file. In search box type in your character’s name and press Find next button. Your character’s name should get highlighted in a word line, similar to the one shown in example below:

Finally, change the highlighted name to any name you like and save the file. The next time you launch your game, you should see that your character’s name has changed.

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