Rain Totem Item ID

Rain Totem item info

Rain Totems in Stardew Valley have a unique function: when activated, they will cause the next day’s weather to be rainy. You can only craft Rain Totems when your Foraging level is 9 or higher.
ID Information
Rain Totem Item ID – 681
Sell price
Rain Totem Item Value – 20
If you here to know what is the Rain Totem item id in Stardew valley game, so you are in the right place.
ID code – [681]
Cheats listed below are available on all game platforms, which include PC/Mac, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

How to spawn Rain Totem

To spawn items like Rain Totem in Stardew Valley instead of using console commands, a secret in-game cheat can be exploited. Items can be spawned by using one of two available methods listed below.

Spawn Rain Totem Using Animal Name

To spawn Rain Totem item by using animals name, travel to northeast area of Cindersap Forest and find Marnie‘s Ranch, then talk to Marnie and buy any animal (chicken is best for it‘s cheapest price). Set animals name to [681] and hit OK. The Rain Totem item should be acquired.

Spawn Rain Totem Using Character Name

To use this method, at the beginning of the game, create your character as usual, then name your character [681] and press OK to save. In game, approach and speak to any villager, if during dialog villager mentions your name, which now is set to [681], you will receive a Rain Totem item to your inventory.
Be aware that your character‘s name can only be set once, at the beginning of the game (when creating in-game world), and you cannot change character’s name later in the game.
However, on PC/Mac versions of the game, there is a workaround to rename your character, by manually editing game save files. If you want to know more how to manually edit game save files, check out our guide on How to Change Your Name in Stardew Valley.
If you are not sure about manually editing game files, or you are playing Stardew Valley on other platforms than PC/Mac, we recommend using the first method listed above.
Read more about how to spawn items: here

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